Winter 2022 Update


Geotechnical investigation drilling was complete this past summer. DOT&PF and R&M will process the data and develop a report and recommendations for design.

R&M will advance design of the airport and access road to 35% and determine permanent Right-of-Way needs. Our team will then contact select property owners to negotiate those Right-of-Way needs. The design and construction schedules are dependent on the Right-of-Way process. As updated project schedule will be provided once the DOT&PF owns sufficient property for the airport.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and participation in this project as we move forward with design of the new airport and airport access road.



Topographic Survey Mid-June to August


A R&M survey crew will be conducting a topographic survey of the area to support the Nanwalek-Port Graham Airport Relocation project beginning mid-June 2020 and lasting through August 2020.

To mitigate the concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have chartered a boat that will serve as a mobile “camp” for the duration of the field work. The R&M survey crew will be aboard the Rainbow Connection (pictured left). The boat will be anchored off shore, mainly near Port Graham. To expedite work, we may move the boat along the coast for better access to the work site. The crew will be shuttled daily from the boat to shore and back. Our intention is to work autonomously and maintain separation from both villages, to the maximum extent possible.

We look forward to a successful field season and will do everything in our power to protect the health and well-being of the community and our personnel. Please contact a member of the project team if you have any questions or comments.